Community Fellowships

Embracing community is something disciples are called to do and we want to help facilitate ways you can do life with others!

Community Fellowships can be planned by anyone in the church. If you like to rock climb; schedule a fellowship for others to join you! If you are a stay at home mom; plan a fellowship for other moms and kiddos to have a play date. If you like to read; organize a book club for others to join.

You plan it, we advertise it, everyone fellowships!

See upcoming fellowships you can be a part of and sign up to organize one below!

Organize a Fellowship

Why not share your interests and activities with others? The opportunities of what kind of fellowship you plan are endless! It can be open to anyone or you can choose a specific audience (men, women, young adults, senior adults, etc.)

Fill out the form below with details about what you want to do, who can be a part, and the date, time, and location of the activity.

We will get the information to the church so people can begin signing up to join you!